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My Services

As your certified Wellness Coach, I am here to support, motivate and inspire you to take your life to the next level.  Take a look at my services and see how we can work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.


Let Go and Let's Go!

6 Month 121 Coaching

If you are ready to go for it and create your best life then this is the one for you!

Life's too short and precious to spend it feeling overwhelmed and weighed down.

How would it feel to step off that hamster wheel and take some time to just breathe.

Together we will work on getting rid of all the clutter (physical and mental) so that you can create the space, time and energy for all the things that you love -

how good does that sound?!

Reaching Out to the Sun

Time to Shine

12 Month Group Programme

Being part of this group is like having a coach on tap to motivate, inspire and support you to feel your best.

Together we work on...

Creating new healthy habits

Letting go of clutter

Eating well and moving more

Monthly challenges

If you need that extra nudge to get you going then this is for you!

Everything takes place online so wherever you are we'd love you to join us!

Interior Design

Spring Clean Your Life


This workshop is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and weighed down with too much "stuff"

Together we will work through different areas of our lives to identify what we need to let go of

By letting go of both physical and mental clutter, we can create the space, time and energy for the things we love.

(90 minutes in person or online)

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